Porphyry Dusk

Lake Superior, 7” x 16”, oil on panel, 2004

From the Coast To Canvas Project

Lighthouses are integral to the make-up of many parts of the coast. Their sight reminds me of the brave souls who in years past lived solitary existences, always ready to rescue some passerby who might not fare so well with the raging waters.

Over time, the original lighthouses were replaced one by one with automated buildings, bringing to an end the career of many lighthouse keepers. It’s a sad story, but one that is repeated all over the world as “progress” marches on.

It was with great fortune then that we had an opportunity to meet the descendants of one of these families while camping at Porphyry Island, an hours boat ride east of Sleeping Giant Provincial Park. Through their stories we gathered a deeper appreciation of our history. And through their access to the lighthouse, I was able to create this painting.” 

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