At the Slates

Lake Superior, 8” x 16”, oil on panel, 2002

From the Coast To Canvas Project

A unique group of islands with a history possibly related to a meteorite crashing into Lake Superior long ago. The Slates Islands.

Although I can’t verify the prior, I can say from experience that it is an incredible place. Stepping off the helicopter, which was the only way to cross the 14km of open water in the winter, we found ourselves alone with the caribou. The ensuing days saw a rapport develop between the ice-walking creatures and ourselves, with the former coming closer and closer to the cabin we were staying in.

This painting exemplifies the peacefulness of the Slates in the winter. The islands being caught by the first rays of the day were in front of the cabin so we got to see them at many times of the day. The late winter sun melted the ice enough to create interesting multi-toned reflections and even created some open water.

For those whose idea of roughing it is a motel down the road, let them have it. I’ll take the cabin at the slates.

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