Lake Superior, 18” x 51”, oil on canvas, 2004

From the Coast To Canvas Project

Rocks, rocks, rocks. Every shape, size and colour imaginable. Lake Superior certainly has it’s share, and this small piece of shoreline near Alona Bay had them in such an arrangement that I couldn’t resist.

On the last day of my spring trip I returned to this location. A couple of days prior I had begun a small painting here and I was back to gather more reference under different light. This spring leg of my project was coming to a close, and, due to a combination of the late winter and dry spring, I had been having a bug-free experience. Not a flying tiny creature interrupted my pursuits with their carnivorous intentions. Incredible, and certainly not a typical spring camping experience, to say the least. But who was I to complain. One must take these gifts when they come. However, all good things must come to an end, so they say. The warmth of the sun in the last couple of day brought the northern army out of their doldrums, and as if to make sure I didn’t lose respect for them, they treated me to an all out invasion.

I set up the camera among the rocks and waited for the sun to peek out from behind the clouds. No sooner had I sat down than the assault began. My only defense was to run in circles. Fortunately, no one was there to watch the spectacle.

The light changed at last, before I tired out, and I gathered was I needed. I wound up doing this large version back in the studio, drawing from my field inspiration. But it wasn’t quite like being there; I only had the odd housefly to swat at.”

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