On the Rocks

Georgian Bay, 7” x 16”, oil on panel, 2003

From the Coast To Canvas Project

Amongst the thousands of islands in Georgian Bay exists a grouping know as the Chicks and Hens. Located west of the French River, the islands are mostly knobs of rocks strewn over a large area. Paddling through them one feels a bit like a lab mouse in a maze. As interesting a place as it was, it certainly didn’t look too campable. However, we were given a tip that on the main island, the Hen, there was a small, perfect and sheltered sand beach. We carried on with this thought in mind, but after finding more Canadian shield around every corner, we were thinking of moving on. Then, out of the corner of my eye, I spotted what I thought might be an opening. Approaching nearer, a channel opened up that took us up into the middle of the island, where, as we were told, we found an oasis of sand.

This painting is just around the corner from this beach, and it exemplifies the textures and mood that we encountered during our misty stay.

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