Canoe View

Lake Superior, 10” x 16”, oil on panel, 2002

From the Coast To Canvas Project

It might be rather obvious by its name, but this painting was from the view that I had from my canoe. The location was Tea Harbour, in Sleeping Giant Provincial Park, and it was an opportune time to begin a painting from on the water. The perspective from that vantage point is one that I enjoy viewing my surroundings from, so it seems natural to work from there too. Not to mention the gentle rocking, or sometimes not so gentle, and it makes me feel even more like I am part of the environment.

In this scene I loved the way the rock wall jutted out into Lake Superior, with trees perched on its back in full foliage. I also really liked the way the waters broke against the point. Reminded me very much of the bow of a ship as it pushes through heavy seas.

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