Passionate films from Cory’s painting journeys into the wild



Untamed beauty and the lure of the North have drawn artist Cory Trépanier to paint the Canadian Arctic for over a decade.


Preparing for a touring exhibition to premiere in Washington DC, he now heads back on an expedition to complete his vision.


But much has changed since he first went North. Shrinking sea ice is opening the door to a world hungry for its resources. Remoteness can no longer protect this land or its people from the coming impacts.


For 9 weeks and 25,000 kilometres, Cory immerses himself into the Arctic. Explores with Inuit elders. Paddles the most northerly canoe route in North America. Walks in the footsteps of early explorers John Rae and John Franklin. Voyages through the Northwest Passage. And deeply connects with a changing land, to bring it to the eyes of those who may never see it.


With the future of the North at a crossroads, can a simple stick and some bristle paint the Arctic into the hearts and minds of others, so far away?


Length: 76 minutes
Completed: 2019



Artist Cory Trépanier straps an easel to his back and steps into the Yukon wild for a month to explore Kluane National Park & Reserve’s untamed beauty on canvas.

Feel nature’s awe in the largest non-polar ice field in the world, as Cory comes face to face with Canada’s highest peak: Mount Logan. Then it’s an arduous hike on the Donjek Route, canoeing on Mush and Bates Lakes, and rafting down the Alsek River to the glacier-strewn Lowell Lake.

This leads to the greatest challenge of the journey. Of the myriad of untamed landscapes that Cory encounters, which will become the grand inspiration? Which view will fill a 9-foot-wide canvas back in his studio and bring to life his experience in this dramatic land?

TrueWild: Kluane is a cinematic journey through one of Canada’s national treasures and an inspiring story of an artist’s quest to fulfill his passion.

Length: 86 minutes
Release: 2015

Nominated for 2013 Canadian Screen Award (Best Performing Arts/Arts Documentary)


For years, artist Cory Trépanier has explored and painted some of the most wild places in Canada. Few have walked into these landscapes. Even fewer have captured them on canvas.


Now, he’s going further. Into a breathtaking Arctic wilderness to experience and paint a land that might never be the same again. Into The Arctic. Three months of filming. A dozen arctic locations, many which have never painted or filmed before. Join Cory as he brings his fresh perspective to the hidden treasures at the top of the world.


Experience the majesty of the north through stunning cinematography and the dramatic experiences of a passionate artist.


Take a journey of adventure and discovery… deep Into The Arctic.


Length: 87 minutes
Release: 2011



The compelling story of oil painter Cory Trepanier’s first leg of his multi-year quest to explore and paint the dramatic wilderness of the Canadian Arctic.


Leaving his home in southern Ontario, this 2 and a half month long journey takes Cory and his family over 20,000 kms and into some of the least traveled regions of the country. After reaching the end of the road, they fly to the remote ocean-side community of Paulatuk, and trek on another 72km until reaching breathtaking canyons of the Brock River. With a tent for a home, they battle challenging weather as Cory lays paint on canvas, capturing the incredible arctic landscape.


Summer turns to fall on the tundra, caribou and grizzly bears are encountered, and then the artist finds himself in the ancient remote arctic mountains of Ivvavik National Park with a taste of winter in the air.


Cory’s artistic and adventurous excursions engage the viewer, allowing us to experience this part of Canada in a moving way and inspiring us to appreciate our planet more.


Length: 47 minutes
Release: 2007

Winner: 2004 Waterwalker Film Festival (environment category)


Lake Superior … the largest fresh water body of water in the world.
Georgian Bay… home to thousands of islands draped in rich history.
Combined, their coasts stretch for over 4000 kilometres to form some of the most dramatic and beautiful landscapes in Canada.


Experience an intimate journey into this magnificent region through the eyes of an artist compelled to capture on canvas this remarkable land. Along with his young family, Cory Trépanier spent almost a month in each season exploring and painting this magnificent wilderness by canoe & kayak, on foot & by snowshoe.


Filmed over the entirety of the excursions, this documentary explores the creative process in the first person, bringing the viewer into the artist’s mind as he paints from the land, and from his canoe, on location. It shares the adventure of exploring and creating in these challenging environments, and the rewards of taking children into the wilderness, exposing them to fragile and important ecosystems.


This timeless, inspiring story will leave viewers with a greater appreciation for our environment, our families, and of course art, as they embark on a journey through an artist’s eyes, words and paintings.

Length: 43 minutes
Release: 2005