Artist, filmmaker, and explorer Cory Trépanier travels to Canada’s most remote and fragile landscapes to paint. Along the way, he encounters immense icebergs, breathtaking waterfalls, packs of Arctic wolves, and perilous conditions. His quests, captured on canvas and film, bring audiences closer to our planet’s wildest places, and provide important lessons on leadership, the pursuit of excellence, teamwork, and motivation.

Cory Trépanier is the only landscape painter, explorer and filmmaker – with internationally broadcasted documentaries – in North America. He has directed, edited, written, hosted, and even shot much of his films, which include A Painter’s Odyssey, Into The Arctic, the Canadian Screen Award-nominated Into The Arctic II, TrueWild: Kluane and his latest, Into The Arctic: Awakening.


In a world where we are bombarded with digital images at every turn, Cory Trépanier’s canvases, created from the sweat and challenge of exploration, the passion of discovery, and thousands upon thousands of hand-laid brush stokes, offer a deeply human and evocative connection to our planet’s wilderness.


His painting expeditions have led him to tackle challenges few encounter, including a knee-punishing trek on Ellesmere Island with a 120lb backpack; enduring ravaging hoards of mosquitoes while painting at the edge of the highest waterfall in the world above the Arctic Circle; being surrounded by Arctic wolves; canoeing up to an iceberg to paint it from a unique floating point of view; and painting Mount Logan, Canada’s highest mountain, from the Kluane ice fields at almost 10,000 feet… all for the sake of his art.


Trépanier’s INTO THE ARCTIC Exhibition Tour, the culmination of a decade-long project, is now bringing an unprecedented collection of over 50 Arctic oil paintings and 3 films to the public, born from 4 arduous expeditions to the furthest reaches of the Canadian North. It premiered at the Embassy of Canada in Washington D.C. and is travelling to 8 museums across the United States in the coming years. The centrepiece of the collection is the majestic 15 foot wide “Great Glacier”, quite possibly the largest representational Arctic landscape painting in Canada’s history.


Trépanier has been featured in media around the globe, sharing his passion for the wild places that he explores and paints.


Cory’s compelling multi-media keynotes will inspire your audience to reach higher, on many levels.


Trépanier is a fellow of the Royal Canadian Geographical Society, and was named one of Canada’s Top 100 Living Explorers by Canadian Geographic magazine. He is also a member of the Explorer’s Club, and in 2015 was honoured with the Candian Chapter’s highest award, the Stefansson Medal. He is a National Champion of the Trans Canada Trail.



Into The Arctic
Drawing from his extensive creative expeditions into some of Canada’s most remote and spectacular Polar landscapes, artist/filmmaker Cory Trepanier brings the audience on an awe-inspiring northern journey. Lavishly illustrated with film clips, photos and stories. Cory’s passion for these fragile landscapes, and the incredible lengths he goes to in order to preserve them on canvas and film, will move your audience with our planet’s wonders and motivate them in the pursuit of their own aspirations.


Finding THE Big Picture
Cory reaches beyond his canvases, some which are very large, and shares his strategies for finding the bigger picture: in his case a unique and fulfilling career that combines his passions of landscape painting, film making, adventure and family.
Carving out such an original life has been no easy task, requiring Cory to wear numerous hats along the way to face a multitude of challenges.

Everyone’s big picture is unique, and for some it lies in hiding. Cory delves into passion, motivation, self-imposed limits, harnessing the support of others, accountability, leadership, inspiration, the pursuit of excellence and persistence, all key elements of finding and fulfilling goals, whether in corporate or independent environments.

Embedded with stunning film clips and photos throughout, audiences will feel the awe-inspiring beauty of Canada’s wildest places… thus fulfilling another part of Cory’s own Big Picture.

Greg Klassen
Senior Vice President, Marketing, Canadian Tourism Commission

“Cory was the keynote speaker at our International media event in Whitehorse in 2012 to a room of international travel writers and bloggers. Talk about a tough audience! Engaging travel writers and bloggers who have travelled the world covering the most exotic, interesting and off the beaten track destinations and experiences can be a daunting task. Cory had them captivated. His combination of stories where art meets the wilderness in Canada’s great north were authentic and engaging and left the audience clamouring for more.”

B. Eric Rhoads, Publisher of PleinAir Magazine

“Cory is not only a compelling speaker, he holds the audience with a tight grip as they cling to every word. Cheers were heard across the hall following his presentation.”

The Hamilton Association for Advancement of Science, Literature and Art

“The Hamilton Association asked Cory Trepanier to deliver the Dr. John Rae Memorial Lecture this year to celebrate Hamilton’s ‘own’ Arctic explorer and his love of the North. Cory provided a memorable evening for our discerning audience. He is not only a fine artist and film maker who undertook a fascinating but daunting adventure, he is also an engaging, professional-calibre speaker. The beauty of his images, the wondrous landscape, and his northern narrative, which lightened drama with self-deprecating humour, had our audience captivated. If it had been a theatre and not a lecture hall, he would certainly have been called back for encores.”