Short hike today as our steps have led us to a open hill top with a fantastic view of the Donjek Glacier, pouring itself into the valley from between the mountain walls. All the hiking these last few days have closed the door on my having time to paint, so now it’s time to slow down, relax a bit and pull the brushes out once again.

The summer weather is perfect again and Carl, Adam and I take the opportunity to air things out… everything. Looks like a bomb went off as our gear and clothes are strewn around camp on every bush and piece of ground surrounding out tent. We’ll all appreciate the finer aromas inside the tent as a result of this fine effort.

Evening light become friendly to the view, highlighting many of the jagged edges of broken ice that covers the enormous field of glacial ice. Fortunately for us, the Donjek has been advancing this year, giving us an even closer row seat vantage point to one of nature’s awesome wonders.

I pick up my pace as the light shifts and set up my easel once again to began a new painting. Feels great after a few days off.

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