Weather has been spectacular on the trip so far, and, other than the dumping of snow in the ice fields, very dry. So when the rain came down last night while sleeping, I figured we were about due for a change. Woke up this morning and the rain has stopped! Rain can take some if the fun out of a trip, but as long as it rains at night while I’m in my tent, let it come down

Calm waters have accompanied the grey skies, and have made for great paddling conditions to go explore those alluring little islands out in there. They caught my eye when we arrived last night, as they juxtaposed beautifully against the mountainous backdrop. At this distance though, they appear almost as a 2 dimensional monotone cutout, devoid of detail. I want to get up up close to them, study them, paddle around them. Get to know them a bit. See them from different vantage points. Maybe then I will be be in a position paint them.

With some lunch packed, Adam and I paddle out and discover halfway there that there is one more little island in front of the others that blended right in. It’s really cute, if you can say that about an island, with it’s scraggly trees and jutting rocks. Approaching it I’m mesmerized by the clarity of the water that it emerges from.

Afternoon winds begin to pick up again, and after a shore lunch amongst the driftwood, we make our way back to the safety of camp and park the canoe.

The greyness of the day begins to give way, and by evening, I am at the easel once more, down the beach a ways from camp. Looking out on Bates Lake, those small islands, though now distant once again, seem somehow different to me now. And I am I now ready to include them in my painting.

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