Time to cover some more ground today and see if we can get out of the dense bush that we camped in last night.

While looking at the schedule, we discovered that I made a mistake on our actual date out: we have one day more than I thought we had. The good is that allows us more time to get to Big Horn Lake, our out point. The bad is that we have to watch our food supply more closely now, as we had brought an extra day’s with us and doesn’t leave much for emergencies.

Similar to yesterday, we cross a number of rivers, and pass in and out of a lot more heavy cover. One river in particular is very high and causes us to slow down and take things real slow.

Our efforts are rewarded at last as we catch a glimpse of the toe of the Donjek Glacier through the branches, confirming that we are actually getting somewhere.

We get a change in weather too with darkening skies and gusty winds that cause us to pick up our pace waiting for a wet onslaught. The storm keeps building and building over the course of almost an hour, causing us to pick up our pace and at last… nothing. The dark clouds dissipate and we even get a touch of sunlight on the mountain peaks by day’s end. Of course, we see this through yet more branches as we pitch camp deep in the woods for our second night in a row.

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