Háifoss Falls

8” x 12”, oil on linen (2020) Háifoss, Suðurland, Iceland.

It was a solitary afternoon in this stunning waterfall-lined valley in Iceland. Like the water that poured over the canyon edge, my senses overflowed. I approached the canyon from above, and at first the fog was so thick I could not even see the falls. It’s crashing sound filled my ears and led me to explore further, until my detour down the valley led to this scene where I pulled out my my easel.

Our Canadian Embassy in Iceland had invited me to screen my last “Into The Arctic” film at the Arctic Circle Assembly in Reykjavík. It was an honour, but as soon as I ditched my suit I was off for 3 days of of roaming in a Dacia Duster manual transmission 4×4, to find some artistic inspiration on first trip to to Iceland. It was a brief 3 days, but the eyeful I received, and the 3 paintings I began there, have left me dreaming of a return journey some day… to explore the wildest and most remote corners of Iceland still remaining.

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