Around the Bend

24” x 38”, oil on linen (2005) Credit River, Caledon, Ontario, Canada

As a Canadian, one of the things I enjoy the most are the changing of our seasons. Being an artist who paints landscapes, these continuous transformations add to the already great variety found across this land.

During a spring bike trip on the Caledon Trailway I crossed the Credit River, caught a glimpse of this view, and made a mental note to come back later with my paints.

Later didn’t come until August, when I was reminded again of our seasonal metamorphosis. The short grasses along the riverbank where were now over three feet high! Trees had filled out and hid things that I could earlier see. These changes inspired something quite different than what I originally had in mind, a reminded me once more of why I am so fortunate to call this place home.  

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