Six o’clock came early this morning as I got up to see Max off at the cab. His flight back to Toronto was set to leave a couple of hours earlier than mine, so I went back in, tempted to close my eyes for a bit longer. But instead I took the time to double check that I had everything ready to go.

WIth that all done, I met up with Jean Vivian again, who had nicely offered to drive me to the airport for my flight out. On our way, we had the time for a couple of stops. One allowed me a great view of Yellowknife from the highest point in town at the Bush Pilot Monument. The other gave me a chance to tour the Canadian North head office and its art collection.

At last I boarded the plane, and began my flight. Felt kind of weird, as for the last few days I had felt a little closer to home with the sunsets and familiar looking forests. And now, as I was approaching the end of my trek, here I was heading further north once again.

A couple of refueling stops along the way and I’m back in Iqaluit, in a hotel room preparing for my flight to Pond Inlet tomorrow, at the north end of Baffin Island. Should be amazing.

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