The Lakes

The Lakes

07,29b,2006_compToday we kept driving and driving and driving. Up ahead was a lake called “Two Moose Lake”. Sydney asked, “Mom, is there gonna be two moose in Two Moose lake?”

“I’m not sure.” said Mom.

We finally reached Two Moose lake. It didn’t have much, just some info boards. But as we looked into the bushes, we saw a few figures, 2 of them, they were 2 moose! We were stunned to see Sydney’s wish had come true.

Afte07,29d,2006_compr shooting some footage, we also saw some little sandpipers swimming away without a care in the world.

We continued our drive until we ended up at another lake: Chapman permafrost lake. Permafrost means a layer of the earth s07,29c,2006_compo far below the surface of the earth stays permanently frozen. That’s why the lake stays there; it doesn’t sink into the ground all way .

We had much fun that day, canoeing all over the place, we even saw 2 loons who seemed to be very annoyed by us. We also went fishing and got a few nibbles, but the grayling didn’t stay on the hook. Later we saw a trumpeter swan, 07,29a,2006_compwhich swam away from us at first sight.

Before going back to the RV, we went swimming in the permafrost lake. It wasn’t even that cold!

We had a very exciting day, and Dad had even started another painting!

– Andie Trépanier

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