Plan was to begin the journey north of Clyde River by boat today, heading toward the region of Sam Ford Fiord. The map shows amazing rock walls jutting out of the ocean for thousands of feet complemented by incredible numbers of glaciers, drawing me to explore and paint the region. It’s part of an area that is under consideration as a new territorial park for Nunavut and I’m keen to see this unique land for myself.

But not today.

The ice pack that blew in the day before my arrival decided to stay put, and blocks any possible exit by boat from Patricia Bay, where the community of Clyde River resides. Weather reports are calling for the winds to turn around and blow from the north west later in the night, with gusts to 40 km/ hour. If this comes to pass, then the ice might move out of the bay by morning.

With this unexpected “day off”, I explored the community some more, filming as I went. Distant views of the ocean from a nearby hill gave me a taste of the trek to come, as huge icebergs dotted the horizon on the Davis Straight.

Back at Tommy’s, I settled in for another night on the porch.

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