Old Friends

Old Friends

06,28,2006_compToday we visited an old friend, Dave Wells and his dog Tigger. He lives in Wawa and owns “Naturally Superior Adventures” and there they give tours, own a paddle shop and teach kayak lessons. They have a chef, a boathouse and tons of kayaks and some canoes.  Dave even gave us kayak lessons! We learned to paddle straight, to turn, to go sideways, to go in a circle, to go in a sea kayak, to switch kayaks while still in the water, and we even tried to roll. I got my kayak to go under 3 times, but I had to swim out each time because I couldn’t flip it back up. We had a great time at Dave’s.    

That night we stayed at a friends place, James Smedley. We went swimming and spent the night with James, Francine, Islay (my age), and Lillian (Sydney’s age) Smedley along with Islay’s friend Karin. We had a great time and slept in their loft in the cabin they had there.

– Andie Trépanier

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