After the inspiring ride into the fiords the day before, I had hoped the water would calm down so that we could go back out by boat and explore further. But the winds kept up their pace, and a short boat ride out confirmed that it was indeed best to stay back in the bay.

The fact is that the view from camp was amazing, and I only had to open my eyes to see spectacular scenery right from there. But I always like to look around thoroughly before committing a scene to canvas, and for that reason was hoping to get back out in the fiord. The bay that we were camping on went back in quite a ways, and although the fiord was off limits for now, I had a whole new land to explore in the opposite direction.

Throwing a few things in the boat, Sam, Jayco and I headed off for a coupe of hours of scouting. Pulling the boat ashore at the bottom of the bay, we hiked to the valley’s edge where the water seemed to cut a myriad of ribbons into earth. Backed by the beautiful glacier covered mountains with jagged peaks, it created a fascination composition. Definitely need to come back here for some evening light. With that mission accomplished, we made our way back to camp.

Though we had only been gone a few 2 or 3 hours, it was apparently enough time for a visitor to pass through. The large tracks of a passing polar bear made their way along the beach where before it had been bare sand. Fortunately, he kept right on going, and didn’t disturb our tents, gear or food. Good ,fro us, because we were a long ways from Clyde.

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