More of That Pretty Stuff

More of That Pretty Stuff

07,26,2006_compWhen we woke up in Tombstone Territorial Park, we got a good look at the scenic mountains surrounding us. They were very jagged, like the teeth of the shark. We even saw patches of snow on some of them. That day we went to the visitor center there. They had info on all the animals around that place. They had something called “birch syrup”. I asked the lady there if she knew it tasted good. She said that she personally didn’t like it, but it tasted a bit like molasses. So far there is nothing that can compare to maple syrup! (In my eyes.)

After that, we returned to the RV and went for a drive to a nice place Dad had wanted to paint. The lighting was great! So he took some reference shots. But it was too late to go hiking, and we were all tired. We had a nice cup of coffee and tea, and went to bed.

– Andie Trépanier

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