This day my friend, traveling companion, huge help, trail master and very fine visual artist (film-maker, cameraman, photographer, etc) Marten Berkman heads home. Well actually he’s to fly back to Ontario see meet up with his wife Jennifer and 2 young daughters and visit his folks, and then carry on back to Whitehorse, Yukon afterwards. His flight out was scheduled for 11am, so we would be packing up and heading back to the community, where we could drop him off, and pick up the rest of our gear that made it in the day before, but had chosen to do without to get more done while already out in the field.

Seeing as this was my last chance to use his skills to film a possible canoeing/painting sequence, he was a good sport and got up at 5 am with me. The weather co-operated, and more than that, the distance iceberg that we saw flip the day before, (an impressive sight that instills a lot respect for the danger involved in hanging too close to one of these monstrous ice cubes), had drifted within a short paddle to a nearby point. Luck or answered prayer? You be the judge, all I know is that by the time we headed back to Qik, I had fulfilled a goal that the day before I thought was lost.

Unfortunately for Marten though, the fog again reared it’s misty head and caused a cancellation of all flights in and out of town. Sorting through all the possibilities at the airport, and with Marten settled in for a night in town, we finally parted ways as I rushed back out onto the land with Billy to explore Auyuittuq National Park again; this time from the water, and from the north side.

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