Cory travels to Canada’s most remote and fragile landscapes to paint. Along the way, he encounters immense icebergs, breathtaking waterfalls, packs of Arctic wolves, and perilous conditions. His quests, captured on canvas and film, bring audiences closer to our planet’s wildest places, and provide important lessons on leadership, the pursuit of excellence, teamwork, and motivation.



Into The Arctic
Drawing from his extensive creative expeditions into some of Canada’s most remote and spectacular Polar landscapes, artist/filmmaker Cory Trepanier brings the audience on an awe-inspiring northern journey. Lavishly illustrated with film clips, photos and stories. Cory’s passion for these fragile landscapes, and the incredible lengths he goes to in order to preserve them on canvas and film, will move your audience with our planet’s wonders and motivate them in the pursuit of their own aspirations.


Finding THE Big Picture
Cory reaches beyond his canvases, some which are very large, and shares his strategies for finding the bigger picture: in his case a unique and fulfilling career that combines his passions of landscape painting, film making, adventure and family.
Carving out such an original life has been no easy task, requiring Cory to wear numerous hats along the way to face a multitude of challenges.

Everyone’s big picture is unique, and for some it lies in hiding. Cory delves into passion, motivation, self-imposed limits, harnessing the support of others, accountability, leadership, inspiration, the pursuit of excellence and persistence, all key elements of finding and fulfilling goals, whether in corporate or independent environments.

Embedded with stunning film clips and photos throughout, audiences will feel the awe-inspiring beauty of Canada’s wildest places… thus fulfilling another part of Cory’s own Big Picture.