Unlike Marten just a couple of days earlier, my flight out of Qikiqtarjuaq went off without a hitch, bringing me back to Iqaluit by around 1pm. As there are no flights directly from Qik to my next destination of Clyde River, I had planned for an overnight stay in Iqaluit to catch the next day’s flight north.

But before I could do that, I thought it would be wise to cut down on my cargo to try and fly a little lighter. One of our project sponsors, Canadian North, graciously allowed me to use their operations office to spread out my stuff and do my sorting. Little did I think, or they I’m sure, that more than 3 hours later I would still be at it. Man I travel with too much! With some additional storage space supplied by Ken Borek Air, one of our other airline sponsors, I at last had everything organized so I could leave the airport and go find a resting place for the night.

A B&B called By The Bay provided just what I needed for the night: a lovely place with a comfortable bed, fine hosting by owner Evelyn, and wireless internet access. The latter proved to keep me up until about 2am as I finished sorting through and uploading new photos to our website. From the tradition of painting oils on canvas in the field to the digital and new media technologies: an interesting contrast that is not only keeping me very busy, but also creatively challenged.

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