Fish & Dragonflies

Fish & Dragonflies

Today we went to Quetico Provincial Park and tried our camping and canoeing gear out. We loaded our canoe with all the equipment and paddled out in French Lake. We wanted to go down the French River but Dad steered us to the wrong place on the lake. But it all paid up. I saw a fish in the water. Mom thought it looked like a hammerhead shark because it was a 30 inch pike with a 2 pound sucker in its mouth sid07,01,2006_compeways! What a sight!

We also found that we couldn’t go through the river because there were many dead trees that blocked the way and it was way to shallow. BUT….

It was dragonfly heaven!

In the end we found a small beach on the side of French Lake and camped there for the night. We had a great sleep and tried our homemade beef-jerky, delicious!!!

– Andie Trépanier

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