Oct 2019- ARCTIC AWAKENING exhibit opens at Hatch Gallery of Contemporary Art

Oct 2019- ARCTIC AWAKENING exhibit opens at Hatch Gallery of Contemporary Art

Take the drive to Mississauga. See the Canadian Arctic.

Renowned Artist, Hatch, and the Canadian Museum of Nature come together to celebrate the wonder of the Canadian Arctic and to unveil Cory Trépanier’s new Arctic Awakening exhibit.


LOCATON: Hatch’s Contemporary Gallery of Fine Art
2800 Speakman Drive, Mississauga, Ontario.
Upon arrival, please check-in with reception. For more information, please visit and hatch.com

NOTE: The exhibit is closed to the public from November 13-15.


Caledon, Ontario —Local artist, Cory Trépanier, is delighted to announce the launch of his “Arctic Awakening” exhibit in collaboration and partnership with the Hatch Gallery of Contemporary Art in Mississauga, Ontario. The exhibit presents an intimate selection of Trépanier’s Arctic oil paintings; including an 8’ high, in progress painting, of Mount Asgard, as well as his film Into The Arctic II. Arctic flora specimens displays were generously loaned by the Canadian Museum of Nature. The exhibit is open to the public Monday – Friday, 9-4pm, until December 9th*.

Cory Trépanier draws inspiration for his works by immersing himself into the landscapes of our planet’s furthest reaches. Over the last decade, Cory has travelled over 60,000 km to capture the spectacular landscape of the Canadian Arctic through paint and film. Through perseverance and dedication to his vision, he has created over 100 oil paintings and three documentary films during the course of his Arctic expeditions. A collection of this work is featured in his INTO THE ARCTIC exhibition, presented by David J. Wagner LLC, and is currently on display at the Bateman Foundation Gallery of Nature in Victoria, B.C. until November 3rd.

“Exploring and painting the Canadian Arctic has been challenging and awe-inspiring, bringing me face-to-face with some of the planet’s greatest natural wonders. After many years of solitary development, I am humbled to learn that others are being moved by my canvases. And that the exhibition is inspiring conversation about the North, the Inuit, the power of nature, and the importance of humanity’s role in protecting it,” said Trépanier.

This Arctic Awakening collection passionately shares a changing landscape that many will never witness with their own eyes. Cory preserves on canvas the beauty and fragility of Arctic sites such as the Brock River Canyon, Croker Bay, Beechey Island, and many others. The paintings are paired with Arctic flora specimens from the areas in which many of these paintings came to life.The specimen sheets were provided by the Canadian Museum of Nature, whom safeguards one of Canada’s largest natural history collections. The botanical collection alone, known as the National Herbarium, numbers over one million specimens, including the world’s best representation of samples from the Canadian Arctic.

The exhibit was recently unveiled at a private event held at the Hatch Gallery of Contemporary Art. The evening included remarks from Mr. Trépanier; John Bianchini, Hatch CEO and chairman; Meg Beckel, president and CEO of the Canadian Museum of Nature; Jeff Saarela, director of the museum’s Centre for Arctic Knowledge and Exploration; and Danielle Fraser, research scientist, Paleobiology at the Canadian Museum of Nature.

“We’re so pleased to welcome Cory’s exhibit to the Hatch Gallery of Contemporary Art because we share a common goal of preserving our Arctic region. One of our missions at Hatch is to work with our clients to build practical solutions that are safe, innovative, and sustainable. This is especially important in regions as fragile as the Arctic, where the environment and local communities and cultures are so unique. Having Cory’s art on display in our gallery acts as a daily reminder of our duty as engineers to create, build, and innovate in a way that honours our environment and communities,” said Glenn Sakaki, Hatch’s global director of Marketing and Communications and curator of the Hatch Gallery of Contemporary Art.

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